Empowering Talents

UNITIATE empowers young professionals and top achieving senior college students with a strong Travel & Leisure interest by helping them build strong connections with their respective industries. The program promotes exchanges between various fields in order to facilitate early career developments.

Every year, sponsored students from the UNITIATE GRANT are invited to engage in targeted business meetings with mentors based in various global cities.

A series of 10 interviews is organized for the student to meet professionals of his/her field in order to:

  • Demonstrate his/her capabilities
  • Improve the knowledge of the market
  • Develop better interpersonal skills
  • Foster employment opportunities

UNITIATE works in partnership with the most reputable colleges and universities worldwide to develop a culturally diverse pool of candidates throughout major economic regions. Students selected by UNITIATE become Ambassadors of their Institutions and help them stand at the forefront of knowledge creation.

UNITIATE mentors are all successful professionals from the fields of Business, Design, Engineering and Law. Currently employed at top performing companies in their respective regions, the mentors are volunteers who devote time, knowledge and expertise to help young graduates maximize their talents.

Utilizing the strength of global data and intelligence

Select students of UNITIATE work as an international team – under close mentoring from seasoned professionals – on building a professional case study for partner Travel & Leisure organizations.

Global Development, Marketing & Communications, Strategy, Employee Assessment and Business Services are the primary services UNITIATE students undertake. Building this knowledge is a unique opportunity for the student to:

  • Lead an international and real life study
  • Improve his/her knowledge of an expertise and industry, globally
  • Demonstrate his/her capabilities to prospective employers
  • UNITIATE Master's degree students working on global consulting services
  • UNITIATE Workshops at the Annual Conference
  • UNITIATE Reliable and affording consulting services
UNITIATE Mentor and partners are an international professional network

Mobilizing an international network

UNITIATE is constantly expanding its network of international partners. These acclaimed brands use UNITIATE as an instrumental platform to perform recurrent or ad hoc studies. Those studies enable the partners to gain a valuable cross-expertise and international perspective on their business.
Partners also consider UNITIATE a recruiting tool to identify talents worldwide and a CSR commitment to youth and education.

Become a partner
UNITIATE Develop bonds with successful young professionals

Building a community of young professionals

Each year, UNITIATE forms a CLASS. Its members enter a community that lives far beyond this first common year.

The essence of UNITIATE is to create lasting relationships between members, not only on a business level but also on a personal level. Frequent interactions ensure the dynamic is kept alive.

All along his/her professional life, UNITIATE and its network aim to:

  • Reward excellence
  • Provide members with regular insights on global market trends
  • Create a strong network of friends and contacts
  • Develop ones employability

If you would like to inquire about our AMBASSADOR program and become the representative of UNITIATE in your institution, please go to the CONNECT page.

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Sharing knowledge

Every member of UNITIATE is invited to join the UNITIATE INTELLIGENCE UNIT (UIU).

UIU is a tool where research papers, interviews and case studies are posted, examined and discussed regularly among members. This forum enables participants to reflect and debate current market trends, events and policies based on their experience, career and research.